International Cat Day


It’s not always easy, being the owner of a cat. Unlike a dog, a cat will always make you work for their affection – never giving any guarantee of how long they will show that affection for, or when, or why.

It’s been 4 years since Elwood came to live with me and in that time we have certainly had our differences of opinion. He can be a cruel and unusual housemate and we have had many arguments about where he can wee and what time is a suitable time to get up on a Sunday morning.

Still, knowing Elwood has changed my life – for the better.


He’s made me a far more patient person, which is important because patience (or lack of it) is probably the one trait that I struggle with most in life. Additionally, he has taught me concern and empathy. In addition, since he moved in, he’s been my constant companion and, while we might not always get along, having him around me has been a comfort. Living alone can be exceptionally isolating, while lack of close friends is tantamount to torture at times. When I met Elwood, the effects of solitary life had really gotten me down, but in the last four years I’ve been far less lonely, far more upbeat and (slowly), I’ve become a more positive, approachable and generally contented person.

So, I guess I’ll always owe him for that.

I can’t imagine how Elwood feels about me. Possible he finds me as obnoxious to live with as I often find him – but that’s okay. He is a cat after all and therefore, impossible to please.

For all of you out there that find yourself sharing a home with one cat (or many), I hope you take a moment to day to consider the way that they have enriched your lives. I know that lots of people don’t care for feline pets, certainly I never used to, but I’m not too proud to say that I was wrong in that assumption.


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